Safe, Smart and Efficient

Ensures the stability of mining operations.
Accurate and clear reporting for farm management.
Provide useful operation and maintenance capabilities for on-site

Real-time monitoring of the miners and metrics

Classify and aggregate important indicators such as illegal miners or pools, zero hashrate and lack of HashBoard.Data collection frequency can be adjusted according to the farm network bandwidth, the number of mining machines, equipment performance and other factors. The minimum collection frequency is 2 minutes.Instant delivery of notifications through multiple methods, including but not limited to DingTalk and email.

Efficient automated operation and maintenance

One-click processing for ten types of batch operation: reboot, reset, configure pool,configure work mode, firmware upgrade, change password, virus scan, virus removal, network configuration and miner activation.Custom commands, the system automatically executes and generates reports without human intervention.With a farm of 10,000 machines, firmware upgrades can be completed on up to 800 units per hour.High concurrent processing allows for multiple tasks to be issued and executed in parallel.

Alert notifications

Alerts can be triggered according to predefined alarm rules.Notifications are sent in real time through DingTalk, email, SMS and other channels.

Suspicious behavior detection

Real-time monitoring of devices on the network and detection of suspicious behavior.Locate suspected problem equipment and deploy patches with one-click batch processing.

Electricity and revenue statistics

Integrate with multiple mining pools to observe hashrate and revenue at the same time.Monitor the electricity costs of farms and customers.

Multi-brand miner support

Antminer, WhatsMiner, Innosilicon, Avalon, self-developed GPU miner firmwares.

Recommended Hardware Configuration

Minimum configuration



Hard Disk

Intel® Core™ i3CPU
64G Mechanical Hard Drive

Recommended configuration



Hard Disk

Intel® Core™ i5CPU
128G Solid State Drive

Open The Door To Intelligent And Efficient Farm Management